About Us

In 2018, I was working a job doing cleaning for a property management company, along with multiple odd jobs as a single parent. My child decided one day to take my phone and snap tons of pictures of me cleaning at work. I was horrified by what I saw in those pictures. I did not recognize myself. I was morbidly obese, depressed, and exhausted. I decided right then and there to change, no matter what it took!

This was the beginning; I took a few months to research. I investigated what worked for my body type, and my busy single life. I decided KETO, low carb, whole foods were the path for me. I was all in! I blocked off my calendar on Sunday afternoons for meal prep, I scheduled gym time and did not compromise that time. It was working! On July 31st, 2018 I FINALLY did something scary. I weighed myself.  I took before pictures and posted them on social media. There was no going back, I was accountable.

A dear friend of mine, saw all my meal prep. I gave him a few meals here and there. He saw my commitment and the change. He began to encourage me and together we started a business. You see, WE LOVE food! WE LOVE to cook! WE LOVE to share our food with others. Food is where most people fail in their fitness journey. Together we hold each other accountable and with our different skill sets, partnering just made sense.

As our fitness journey continues you now have the power to walk and eat along with me! In early 2019 Real Healthy Eats was launched to make this path to overall health easier for you. We want to encourage and cheer you on each step of the way – Your Real Healthy Eats Family