Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What am I committing to with my subscription?
A. Your weekly subscription will charge when you purchase and will be on a week to week basis. A monthly subscription will automatically bill you every four weeks. You can cancel at any time. With your monthly subscription you will need to log into your account every week to choose your fresh meals for that week.

Q. Can I freeze my meals?

A: Yes! Everything on our menu apart from our salads, freezes beautifully. We recommend that you freeze anything that you are going to eat late in the week when you get you food. You can reheat your food from frozen.

Q. How long should I heat my meals?

A. If your meal is not frozen, we recommend reheating for 1.5 minutes and adding 30 seconds at a time as needed. I your meal is frozen we recommend auto defrost setting on your microwave for 3-5 minutes, then high power for 1.5 minutes, the add 30 seconds at a time.

Q. What if I do not like an item in the meal that I’d like to order?

A. We can substitute your sides, just make sure to notate any changes you would like in the “notes” section of the order page. We cannot, however, make a new batch of pulled pork without onions or a new batch of chicken cordon bleu without swiss cheese.

Q. What if I have allergies?

A. Please call 315.545.5500 before you order, one of our team members will help you navigate the menu. All items are gluten and soy free.